A Talk to Make Sense on Public School

public_school__logoI’ve just added (or had help adding) A Talk to Make Sense, a concept/proposal for the upcoming Utopia School show to the Public School platform.  In the process, I learned that there are dissenters of the Public School system.  Firstly, I’m quite sure that good (even great) ideas erode once they are scaled out in the neoliberal economic sense.  I’m not being a hater here … it is just predictable among markets of which the art market is not shielded.  It begs a larger question, one that I recently ran into with a friendly looking/sounding organization in São Paulo that cancelled a crucial meeting with an urban occupation at the last minute:  Can we assess the deleterious effect (to movement-joining and building) of naming and nomenclature that mimics processes happening (or which have historically happened) at different levels of ‘class’ and access to resource when their follow-through reflects the agency and comfort of their actual class rather than the urgency level of the one they are referencing?  Well, that’s a big can-o-worms…happy to take it up in discussion if anyone would like…

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