Micro Palpitations at the Chinese Consulate

photo-5{FB thread, 6/15/13}

All points bulletin: On Thursday, I was at the Chinese consulate and found this small heart made out of a staple. While it was hard to gather much forensic evidence, at first glance it appeared to have been thoughtlessly jettisoned behind a stack of scrap paper at a stand-up counter where one fills in forms. After a day of consideration, I contacted the Giacometti-Calder Jr. Foundation for Sculptural Intent due to my growing suspicion that this could be a site-specific installation long forgotten and in need of maintenance (or at least geo-tracking) … but I’m equally open to the reclaimant of this ‘lil ticker’ having had his or her hands full that day and simply forgot to take their heart along with their umbrella and other accoutrements as they dashed out to catch the bus. Let me know …

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